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What should I wear to my first session? 

Wear loose clothing to ensure your stretching session is as effective as possible.

What can I expect during my first session?

Your first session will include 20 minutes of stretching. During this time, we provide you with the environment you need to succeed. Hydration is of the highest importance so we include a hydration station with a steady supply of filtered water. Giant overhead fans cool you, as our Motion Coaches focus your body and mind.  

What is the purpose of the lifestyle questionnaire? 

Our Motion Coaches begin with a 10-minute consultation to create a tailored treatment approach. For example, if you spend a lot of the day hunched over a computer or smartphone, we’ll treat your shoulders first. Runners may need extra help with their hamstrings and shins. By learning about your daily routine, our Motion Coaches can custom tailor a treatment plan that emphasizes the body areas in most need of immediate attention. 

What is the Motion 8-Point System?

This is a proprietary method of ensuring a whole-body experience that targets each of the 8 body areas that hold the most tension. While your lifestyle determines the order of the treatment, all of our clients receive treatment in all 8 body areas. 

Is this like the stretching I did in PE class?

Absolutely not. A lot of the things you may have been told about stretching are wrong, and sometimes harmful. At Motion, we take a whole-body approach and first relax the connective tissue. This results in greater elasticity while preventing injury. 

What’s myofascial stretching? 

The term “myofascial” combines the Greek word for muscle (myo) and the word for connective tissue (fascial). Benefits of myofascial stretching include more elasticity, more energy, and fewer injuries.

What is the difference between myofascial stretching and physical therapy?

Physical therapy treats a specific body area that has been injured. Whole-body stretching focuses on the entire body, from head to toe, to increase your elasticity and prevent injuries.

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