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The System


The term “myofascial” combines the Greek word for muscle (myo) and the word for connective tissue (fascial). Benefits of myofascial stretching include more elasticity, more energy, and fewer injuries.    ”


A Whole-Body Approach

We’re inspired by science and the potential of the human body. Our experience has shown us that effective treatment of the 8 body areas that hold the most tension inspires personal transformation.



The MOTION Method

Using a tailored lifestyle questionnaire, we pinpoint which areas of your body need immediate attention. Starting with your first free session, our MOTION coaches will lead you through interactive stretching exercises and give you important advice on breathing and body posture. After your session, they’ll debrief you with insights on why you’re feeling better.

Glutes, shoulders, shins, oh my.
Your lifestyle determines which body area we treat first. For example, office workers have sore shoulders while runners have stiff shins. While everyone gets whole-body treatment, the order of their stretches depends on their unique needs.


See how MOTION's whole-body stretching compares to isolated therapy.


Whole-Body Stretching

Focuses on the entire body, from head to toe, to increase your elasticity and prevent injuries.


Traditional Stretching

Treats only a specific body area.


The Session

During your first 30-minute session, you’ll begin with a quick lifestyle questionnaire before proceeding to 20 minutes of stretching exercises with a Motion coach. Before leaving, you’ll be given the opportunity to share your feedback and compare how you felt before and after.

What to bring: loose clothing and a water bottle.

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